Buildings: Our cottages do not meet ADA accessibility guidelines.

Mobility: Guests in Highland cottages can drive down to the water if necessary; please ask us about the best place to park during your visit. While various areas of the camp are flat, including areas near cottages, there is a reasonably sharp grade to the driveway down to the water. Due to the nature of the shoreline, the docks are accessed by stairs.

Service animals: Service animals are welcome. As with pets, we ask that service animals are fully vaccinated and under control at all times. Please let us know details about your service animal, including species and any special requirements. There is no charge for service animals.

Animal allergies: Please let us know if you are allergic to dogs (or other animals). We will make every effort to thoroughly clean before your stay.

Chemical sensitivities: Please let us know if you have sensitivities to chemicals or scents. We will use unscented products when cleaning the cabin prior to your stay, provide unscented products for your use, and otherwise do our best to accommodate your needs.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing: We are aware that masking due to COVID-19 will interfere with lip-reading. We encourage written communication and will have paper and pens available. Please contact us if there is a better way to accommodate your needs.

Blind and low-vision: We aim to make our website and social media outlets as accessible as possible to screen readers. We can also provide documents (including our rental agreement, policies, emergency services, and local business listings) in Braille when requested in advance.

Nonspeaking: We are happy to communicate with nonspeaking guests in writing or via screen or text.

Other access issues: Please contact us to let us know if members of your party have physical, cognitive, sensory or emotional requirements not addressed on this page. We will do our best to provide accommodations.